Recognised as a global leader in safety and strength, the German-made Layher modular scaffolding system is highly innovative and precision engineered, making it the highest quality scaffolding on the market today.

Quick to assemble and dismantle, Layher scaffolding can be pre-assembled and craned into position. This minimised the risks of constructing the scaffold at heights, and makes installation an efficient process.

Layher systems work together seamlessly, so we can design a scaffold that allows access in space-restricted and high risk areas.

Central Scaffolding and Rigging Solutions is the first company to offer the Layher brand in Brisbane and with over 500 tonnes of scaffolding equipment, it can be delivered across the state.

Our team of expert scaffolders, riggers, dogmen and crane operators can deliver you a safe and secure scaffolding solution with Layher Scaffolding.

Layher Scaffolding System
Layher Australia