Internal & External Tank

Our core focus when working with tanks is to ensure the process is completed risk & injury free.

  • Date: 2022
  • Project Type: Tank wraps

About this Project

High levels of both knowledge and experience are required when erecting internal and external tank scaffolding. Scaffold structures are usually designed to work in a 90 degree angle. The drafting and engineering process is paramount in this case to ensure dimensions are measured to the millimetre.

Key Scope

  • Hazardous area
  • Confined space
  • Crane-lifted mechanical aide
  • Safety rescue plan implemented for internal works
  • Complex drafting to access rounded perimeter

This project required a skilled workforce from start to finish. The drafting and engineering, the specialist safety officer, and a skilled workforce on the ground who understand scaffold and are confident and trained to work within confined spaces. All work in tandem to ensure a successful result in a hazardous, complex project.

    External tank wrap scaffolding